Holiday Activities

School holiday programme to link with main school activities to develop their thinking skills and creativity.

New Zealand Curriculum based educational paper.

The bridging school orders NiE papers for all levels from Fairfax. This is of great benefit to the children as they learn about various topics covered in the New Zealand curriculum throughout the year.

The classes are conducted in 3 different levels so that each child is studying in their school level.

Learning "I site"

First Language Maintenance

To maintain Tamil, our mother tongue, the language is taught from Year 1 and continues up to Year 13 and there are all levels of learners. All the material used to teach Tamil at the bridging school is especially ordered in from overseas as it is unavailable here.

Culture Maintenance

As part of maintaining the Tamil culture and to encourage children to develop confidence, dance is taught after class on a regular basis. All students, from the play school, to the older children take part. We also perform at several Tamil programs and Auckland City events on a regular basis. These programs include Refugee Council of New Zealand Multicultural day, Auckland City Council Deewali Festival and International Multicultural Day.

Deewali festival
Kavadi dance perfomance at Multicultural event at Mt Roskill 2015

Bridging School and Tamil Language School Teachers.



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